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Workers' Compensation Insurance

workers compOn-the-job injuries or resultant illnesses can hurt your business in two ways: you could be liable for hospital bills if an employee is injured or has a work-related health problem, and you could be sued for damages arising from employment-related accidents or diseases. Avoid this risk with a Workers' Compensation Insurance plan. By California law, you MUST have Workers' Compensation Insurance if you have employees.

Our Mission

With workers compensation, we donít stop just at shopping for the best rate. Itís our belief that this is just the beginning of the process. We hand you a set of easy-to-implement rules and procedures so that you can proactively control your experience modification factor so that you can consistently achieve the lowest possible rate available. We also provide you with audit assistance so that you can get it right the first time with no hassles or surprise expenses by the insurance company. We do this so that the low rate we got you at the beginning of the policy period holds up at the end of the period. These tools have saved business owners a lot of money. If our type of service and professionalism is the kind that you want to be associated with, then please contact us and let us help you today.

History of Workers' Compensation

The concept that workers should be protected from and compensated for injury or illness occurring in the workplace came about with the rise of the trade union movement at the beginning of the 20th century. Workers' Compensation insurance is a direct result of public awareness and outrage at the poor and often dangerous working conditions people were forced to labor under in order to make a living, and the financially devastating effects of worker injury or illness on the worker and the worker’s dependents. Workers' Compensation insurance is the oldest social insurance program in the United States; in fact, it is older than both social security and unemployment compensation. California adopted Workers' Compensation laws in the 1910’s along with most other states. Workers' Compensation is based on a no-fault system, which means that an injured employee does not need to prove that the injury or illness was someone else’s fault in order to receive Workers Compensation benefits for an on-the-job injury or illness. Since almost every working Californian is protected by Workers' Compensation benefits, it is important that employers and employees alike have an understanding of Workers' Compensation insurance and how it works.

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